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StagePrompter Metronome

Developer: The Sign of 4 Design
2.19 usd

Stage Prompter is a flexible and fully configurable metronome, for phone or tablet.Stage Prompter allows you to manage a setlist and a metronome for each of the songs in the setlist, with visual graphic metronome.NO ADV BANNER !
With Stage Prompter you can define a setlist of songs (useful for live events).
For each song, you can:- Choose the number of bars displayed by the metronome (from 2 to 16)- Select the height of the bars of the metronome (small, medium, high)- Decide if and after how many seconds STAGE PROMPTER will interrupt the metronome- Select the number of BPM ( from 30 to 300 )- Use the TAP to find the BPM of the song following a audio/video track
For the management of the setlist, you can:- Insert new songs- Delete songs- Change the order of the songs in the setlist
This version is for devices with a ARMv7 ( Neon ) or (most) Intel Atom compatible CPUs.
The permissions required are:- READ and WRITE to EXTERNAL DEVICE to save the setlist created- WAKE LOCK to keep the display on while the App is running.